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Solutions for schools

Our schools have long become the primary care providers for millions of children throughout the country. Families frequently depend on schools to provide not only education but also social services, life skills, nutrition, medical care and behavioral health prevention and treatment as well as family counseling services.

Behavioral Health issues including depression, anger, suicidal ideations and Conduct Disorder/Oppositional Defiance; among others, plaque our schools and cause alarming rate of student Dropout, Violence, Suicide, Destruction of property, Teen age pregnancy, Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse, Runaway, Incarceration, Placement in Psychiatric Facilities and/or other Residential Treatment Centers.

Psychiatric hospitals and Residential Treatment Centers are filled with youth exhibiting severe emotional and behavioral disorders. Without the strong involvement of parents in the treatment, placement of a child at an "out of home" placement can be traumatic for both the child and his/her family. Even if a child's treatment at an "out of home" facility has been successful, there is still the question of what do we do after he/she returns home, particularly in the rural areas where there are limited resources for aftercare.

As experts working with "At risk and troubled youth" we have faced the dilemma for years, searching for best practices to show a more systems based, efficient and cost effective way to assist the students and the schools. What started as a pilot project has now grown into one of the most effective tools at community's disposal in effectively treating adolescents with severe emotional and/or behavioral disorders.


The EDVENTURES Program provides therapeutic services inside schools on the reservation. Day Treatment services are provided during normal school hours; year round, within a designated classroom in the student's own school by a team of local professionals. The team includes trained Master's level therapists, Behavioral Health Technicians and Special education teachers, proficient in the tribe's culture, language and traditions.

Our services are based on years of practice and application indicating effectiveness in a combination of factors: Specific life skills traditionally not taught in schools, intensive, immediate and effective behavior modification and intervention, interagency and family involvement in a safe, consistent and nurturing environment.

If you are interested in implementing a Day TX program within your school, please Contact Us.